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Hides and Pelts for Sale

NOTICE : ALL the hides and pelts below have been tanned to perfection by the worlds best wildlife fur dressing company. Each hide or pelt has its leather side buffed to a nice smooth finish. Each pelt is very soft, just like cloth and could be made into any article or clothing. Look at the leather side of the beaver pelt below. All the hides and pelts are like that.

All the hides and pelts may have bullet holes or a few skinning cuts which is normal. Most of these have NOT been repaired, which again is normal. This is the way most want them and the way they are sold. All the hides and pelts below are Class AAA unless otherwise noted.

All items on this page are one of a kind and are close out items and all sales are final and non refundable:
It is just way to much work to put one of a kind items on and off the web site!

In ALL -repeat - ALL the shopping cart boxes below on the WHOLE PAGE
DON'T order more than one hide per box.
There is only one hide per box available - NO more unless otherwise specified in the order box itself in which I usually write - Several Available

This quality of tanned pelts are not cheap to get professional tanned. Then besides the price of tanning, you have to buy the raw hide, then there is fleshing, salting, stretching and drying, and shipping back and forth to the tannery. I am offering a super value here for these top notch tanned pelts.

All the pelts and hides shown on this page make wonderful throw rugs to put over the furniture in your home or office!

deer hidesBeautiful Tanned Whitetail Deer Hides

These are beautifully soft tanned by the worlds finest tannery. They are soft as cloth and can be hung over couches, chairs, elc. They also make great wall hangings. Deer hides are covered with hair, not fur. These hairs can be broken and shouldn't be walked upon.

I have seen wonderful paintings done on the backs of these hides, just like the Beaver Hides below. You will be delighted with one of these hides.

Deer hides are known as the aristocrat of american leather. Nothing else compares. Tanned deer hides are very soft, flexible and tough. The leather can take a beating and keep going. Many moccasin's are still made from tanned deer leather.

Tanned Whitetail Deer Hide
Price $189.95
Shipping Included On This Item - USA Only


Beaver Pelts

Beaver PeltsThese beautiful beaver pelts have very long silky fur. These pelts are fully prime and have been hand picked by me out of hundreds of hides to be the best of the lot. Each pelt was perfectly stretched to give the exact shape I wanted. You won't find beaver pelts taken care of like this anywhere else.

After trimming, Artists will take these beaver pelts and stretch them on a wooden hoop frame, made from a slender tree. The pelts are tried around the inside of the hoop with rawhide, just like the real Indians used to do. The pelts can even be wetted first, then they dry super smooth on the hoop. Blankets and Super Blankets are references to trappers and hide buyers size lingo. It is there way of referring to really large beaver pelts commanding premium prices.

beaver pelt for sale

The artist use oil based paints, and on the leather side paint some beautiful scenes. They paint right over the holes in the hide leaving the holes. Some of these are super good! I watched these sell on an auction and a few went for several thousand dollars. Here's your change to try your hand at this!


Beautiful Blanket Beaver : The best quality I've ever seen! Hand picked by me from hundreds of pelts.

Tanned Blanket Beaver Pelts

Item # BEV21
For Sale $169.95

Shipping Included On This Item - USA Only


red fox for saleRed Fox Pelts

Beautiful Prime, tanned Red Fox Pelts. These are beautiful and make great conversation pieces. Soft, and silky. Hand picked by me out of dozens.

Item # FOXPELT123
For Sale $149.95
Shipping Included On This Item
USA Only


African Furs for saleTanned African Tessebee Hide

This is a wonderful nice soft tanned hide with the tail even. Perfect for throwing over the back of a couch and dream about making the trip to Africa. Let it hang and in a couple of weeks all the wrinkles will come out of it. This is a very rare hide to find.... Only one available.

Item # FUR56
Tessebee Hide $169.95

Shipping Included On This Item
USA Only


Muskrat pelts
Muskrat Pelts

Beautiful soft tanned muskrat pelts. Soft silky fur. This is what most common fur coats are made of, then the fur is called by other exotic names. Muskrat pelts are trapped by the millions for this purpose. There fur and hide is very durable. They eat nothing but very clean vegetation and are extremely good eating. The problem is they got the wrong name. In places where they are eaten, they are called by other names.

While supplies last.  These pelts actually cost me more to buy and get tanned than I am charging below.

Item # MUSKRAT40
For Sale $39.95
Shipping Included On This Item - USA Only


Raccoon Pelts

Raccoon Pelts

Beautiful tanned Raccoon pelt. This is a fully prime northern Raccoon pelt with a nicely marked tail. Hand picked from dozens.

Item # RAC12
Raccoon Pelts
For Sale $139.95

Shipping Included On This Item
USA Only


Ermine Pelts
Ermine Pelts

These are weasel pelts. Long tail and Short tailed weasels are brown in summer and white in winter. They keep the black tipped tails year round. Some don't get completely completely white. These tanned pelts are very difficult to find now because no one wants to bother with trapping them, let alone taking the time required to skin out the animal. Then because the hides are so small, not many tanneries want to tan them so the tanning bill is high. Very difficult to find.



ermine pelts

These beautiful animal pelts were in great demand many years ago. Many a kings robe was made using these beautiful animal hides. Now, that no one traps them, in many areas they are extremely numerous and they quickly deplete the wildlife population. One animal kills thousands of ground nesting woodland song birds and other animals each year. These weasels will attack much bigger game than themselves and kill just for the sport of it, killing many more animals than they could ever eat.



ermine pelts

This little animal can even kill a big chicken. One small Ermine can wipe out a whole chicken coop in one night as I can attest to. They aren't even afraid of humans and will allow you to walk approach quite closely, and even approach you! I've had them walk right up to me to check me out.


These are absolutely beautiful tanned pelts. They are very soft and beautifully tanned. Very clean, top notch cased skun pelts!

They come either pure white as per top picture or rarely sometimes with a darker strip down the back as per the bottom picture.


While supplies last.  These pelts actually cost me more to buy and get tanned than I am charging below.

Shipping Included On This Item

Snow White Tanned Ermine Pelt $34.95 (as per top picture)
White Ermine With Dark Stripe on Back $34.95 (as per bottom picture)

tanned coyote hidesNorthern Coyote Pelts

These are the most gorgeous Northern Maine coyote pelts I've seen. These were hand picked by me from racks of dozens to get just the most perfect ones I could. These are all super colorful and very large Maine Coyotes.

These coyotes average 70 lbs or more. Twice as large as the typical southwest or western coyote. These animals also get the most beautiful long silky fur up here in Maine during our cold long winters. These pelts are top notch coyote pelts, you won't find better anywhere.

Item Number # Coyote123
Shipping Included USA Only

For Sale $169.95


Hide Pieces

Back side of Hides
These pieces of tanned hides can be re-soaked in plain water and softened and stretched over objects and left to dry. The wet pieces can even be sewn up and used just like you would a piece of cloth in making various articles. It is amazing to me to hear from some of you and what you are doing with these pieces.

There are those making artists paint brushes out of them, some are covering small plant pots, covering coffee cups making pencil holders. They are great for fly tying and making fishing lures. The list goes on and on, you can use these pieces to the full extent of your artistic abilities and imagination. Others are buying them for show and tell, some for class room instruction.

I wanted to show you what the back side of these tanned hides look like. You can see this in the picture I have placed just above.. I have also measured the hides so that you could get an idea of the size. The measurement I have given is mostly the inside blocky area of the hide and does not include any lengthy ends sticking out. I guarantee that the pieces are larger than the measurements I have given here on all the hide pieces.

Some of the hides are very, very difficult to get or find. Many pieces are absolutely one of a kind you won't find anywhere else.

All of the hides below have been fully tanned, tumbled, and dryed. You can re-soak them in water for a couple of hours and then sew up to make dozens of things out of them. Please have fun with these. All of the hides below are NON returnable. It is simply too much work to put them on this web site, take them off and then have to put them on again. So please don't ask to return these hide pieces. Thank You and have fun making things.

Many of you have wrote me telling me about how you are sewing the hides and that it is very difficult for you to push the needle through those thicker hides after they have been wetted and relaxed. This is because you are using a regular Round Head sewing needle, or even a needle made for sewing up shoes in a shoe shop. These will NOT work and yes you will have a difficult time sewing. These are not the kind of needles we use. We use upholstery thread and a special three edged needle that goes through even the thickest wet hide like a breeze. You won't have any problems sewing up the pieces with one of these needles. Because some of you want one of these needles I have made a link here for you to buy one because these needles aren't available in stores. I just want to make your life more fun!
Special Needle for Sewing the hides. Item # Hide Needle $2.50

Please note: Most of these pieces are being sold for far less than my orignal tanning costs. The tannery now charges $30.00 to $75.00 per square foot to tan hides plus shipping to and from the tannery, and then there is the cost of buying the hides, salting, fleshing, drying, packing ..............

furs for saleTanned Waterbuck Hide

Nice piece of tanned African Waterbuck hide. It measures bigger than 17 x 8 inches.

Item # FUR 8 Tanned Waterbuck Hide $29.95


moosehead tannedTanned Moose Forehead

This was tanned to use as parts to repair moose head mounts. It has eyes and antler sockets.

Item # FUR13-2 Tanned Moose Forehead $39.95

mooseheads for saleTanned Moose Eye Side

This was tanned to repair moose head mounts. It has the eye and ear and part of the forehead.

Item # FUR14-2 Moose Eye Side $28.95

African Sable for sale

Tanned African Sable Piece

Very difficult to find all the African pieces. This measures 18 x 12 inches

Item # FUR29 African Sable $38.95


africian Hides for sale

Liechtenstein Hartebeest Hide Piece

This is really nice. It measures 17 x 12 inches

Item # FUR37 Liechtenstein Hartebeest $49.95

fur for sale


Liechtenstein Hartebeest Hide Piece

This is really nice. It measures 10 x 10 inches

Item # FUR38 Liechtenstein Hartebeest $28.95

furs for sale

Tanned Hartebeest Piece

Measures 14 x 7 inches

Item #FUR41 Hartebeest Piece $28.95

moose piecesTanned Moose Grab Bag Pieces

Perfect for tying flies, making lures, covering objects, sewing together, making brushes. Every piece is a different size and shape and it's a toss up as to what you get. Each piece is at least 36 square inches most much more.

Item # FUR42-6 Moose Grab Bag Piece
$12.49 each piece


deer hide pieces

Tanned Deer Grab Bag Pieces

Perfect for tying flies, making lures, covering objects, sewing together, making brushes. Every piece is a different size and shape and it's a toss up as to what you get but the aveage size is at least 36 square inches most much more.

Item # FUR43 Deer Grab Bag Pieces
$9.49 each piece


furs for sale

Tanned African Sable Brisket

Really pretty piece of Sable Hide.

Item # FUR46 Sable Brisket $16.49

bear fur tanned

Tanned Black Bear Grab Bag Pieces

Perfect for tying flies, making lures, covering objects, sewing together, making brushes. Every piece is a different size and shape and it's a toss up as to what you get but most pieces aveage about 6 by 6 inches.

Item # FUR50 Bear Grab Bag Pieces
$12.49 each piece



furs for saleAfrican Sable Side Piece

Measures 24 x 9 Inches

Item # FUR52 Sable Side $47.49

moose hides for sale

Tanned Moose Hide

Perfect tanning
Measures about 12 x 16 inches

Item # FUR64
Tanned Moose Hide $48.49


moose hides for sale

Tanned Moose Hide

Perfect tanning
Measures about 12 x 12 inches plus ends

Item # FUR65
Tanned Moose Hide $39.49



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