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Red Fox

red fox Taxidermy by Reimond Grignon
This beautiful fox mount is a color phase of the Red fox. It is a Red Fox, but a trapper would call this one a Cross-Fox. There are other color phases also such as the Silver Fox, which again is a red fox. The average red fox weights in at just 10 pounds. They have long silky fur which makes the animals look larger than they really are. They average just under thirty inches long not counting the tail which is another 13 to 16 inches. The animals are built for running. They can run run 30 miles an hour easily and have been clocked at up to 45 miles an hour. Always moving, they usually trot 6 miles an hour and they can keep up this this up forever.


Ref fox Taxidermy by Reimond Grignon
Red Fox frequent farmlands and meadows that are bordered by woods where they find there favorite food which is mice. They hone in on their prey by hearing it squeak or rustle in the grass, and when pinpointed the fox leaps in an arc and pins the mouse to the ground with its forefeet, then biting down on the mouse killing it. They are fun and very amusing to watch. During the summer foxes will eat lots of insects of all types, but mostly grasshoppers, crickets and beetles. Fox also will eat birds and other small animals they happen across. Good hunters, they can catch many small game animals such as the snowshoe rabbit. The red fox is an opportunist and will take whatever comes along.

red fox Taxidermy by Reimond Grignon

Mr. Reimond Grignon likes to put as much expression into the faces of his mounts as possible as shown by the close up picture of the fox to the right. All the pictures on this page, in fact all the pictures in these museum pages, are pictures of Mr. Grignon's mounts. They are not pictures of live animals, sometimes it can be hard to tell because his mounts look so completely lifelike. The red fox is one of the most beautiful animals in the world. Their long silky orange fur is wonderful.


silver fox Taxidermy by Reimond Grignon
The fox pictured here is a silver fox mount Mr. Grignon mounted for our small museum. It is still on display. World Compitition Winner.

This fox was caught in Dixmont, Maine. It is a perfect example of a silver fox, which as stated above is just a color phase of the red fox. Some people wonder why some years a few silver fox are seen where as in other years none are seen. Silver fox are always "rare".



During years when there are lots of fox around. The female red fox will kill any off colored pups she has. When foxes are scarce, as after a rabies epidemic. Then the female red fox will let these off colored offspring live. This is why silver fox are usually seen during years when there are not many fox to be seen.

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